Ways to Grow

"Every good tree bears good fruit," so said Jesus as he was instructing his followers. Life is about growing, not just exisiting. So it is with our faith. Just because we 'believe' does not mean we are finished. Any relationship prospers based on the investment we make into it; any plant thrives when it is nurtured well. So at RCC we have a strong commitment to fostering personal spiritual growth in Christ. We believe he is our foundation, the One we build upon, and indeed the One who himself supplies the growth. We learn about this Christ from the Bible, so the Bible becomes our focal point for study and life application.

As we meet God in the Bible, we participate in the transformation of our lives and character -- moving from being people who are centered on ourselves and blind to our faults, and moving towards becoming people who love God wholeheartedly and love others like Jesus did. This happens best in community, so we seek to provide many opportunities for individuals and groups to grow in him. This growth is meant to naturally include and lead to serving the world around us -- practically with deeds of service and spiritually with word/actions of witness.