Everything we do will be physically safe and in the best interest of your child. Check-in procedures and background checks for all teachers and workers are in place to protect your child(ren). We will do our best to keep our environments emotionally safe for children. We will treat every child with dignity and respect, and will encourage him/her to treat each other with the same Christ-like love. We strive to make our classrooms safe, spiritual places where kids can wrestle with tough spiritual questions and be free to learn about Christ in an uplifting, protective way. We have a two-adult policy for the nursery and each classroom through grade 3. New parents are encouraged to attend the first class with their child to view our classrooms first-hand.

Please notify the children’s ministry leader if your child has any special needs or allergies. If you are concerned about a situation or person, please contact Jan Anthos or any of the pastoral staff.