Brian & Malisa Ellis, CRU

Brian and Malisa's Prayer Letter from Spring, 2016   

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 Brian & Malisa


Dear Friends,
Would you pray for us and for the students of Boston as they head back to campus? Over the next few weeks, over 250,000 students will move into dorms across the city. We’re praying that thousands of them would have a chance to hear the gospel and that many would choose to follow Christ. Because of you, students like Craig, Nestor, Julie, and Jocette have heard the gospel and started following him. Would you pray for our student leaders at Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, Babson, Bentley, Wellesley, and schools across the city? That they would return to campus ready to connect with incoming freshmen. And would you pray for us and our family as Sydney and Eliza start Kindergarten and Preschool.



Thank you for being a part of our family.
Loving our Adventurous Lord,

Brian & Malisa