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Auigust Update, 8/7/2016, from Tara & Todd

Update on Jett and his new baby brother, Declan.

Friday the 5th was one of the most eventful days of our lives - filled with extreme highs and lows. After 25 hours of labor we welcomed our precious baby boy into the world at 1:20 am, Declan Rock Humphreys, (weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces, 20.5 inches long). We came home later that day, and within a few hours, our oldest son Jett suddenly had a seizure, his eyes rolling back and unresponsive to us. It was one of the most terrifying things we could've imagined seeing happen to our boy. The paramedics came quickly, and he continued to seize in the ambulance and for awhile in ER while the trauma team got the seizures under control.  

After heavily sedating and intubating him, they ran all sorts of tests (spinal tap, MRIs, CT scans, EEG monitoring, etc.) and felt confident with the conclusion that he had a complex febrile seizure caused by a common virus and fever. We were relieved with this news on Saturday because it was about the best prognosis we could get after what had happened.

What a roller coaster of emotions it was, and definitely left space to wrestle with God too. We know His love for Jett is far greater than we can comprehend, yet we knew this didn't mean we would get the outcome we wanted. In His grace and mercy, we received great news on Saturday and Sunday, and slowly Jett was weaned off his meds. He finally came home today (Monday)! Thank you, Lord!  

Today (8/7/16) Jett was finally able to spend time with Declan. He's still uncertain why there's a new little creature in his "kingdom," but we're just glad to have everyone together.  

Pray for us as we deal with at minimum a challenging next few weeks. There are further appointments coming up to make sure that Jett is totally ok, and we now understand he'll be at a higher risk of these seizures potentially happening again. 

The name Declan means "man of prayer", and that certainly has some extra meaning to us at this moment. We're so so grateful for everyone who's been praying for us during this time - we've been overwhelmed by all of the calls, texts, visits, food and prayers that have been sent our way.

Thanks for your prayers!

Todd & Tara

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